Saturday, June 18, 2011

Classic Straw Hat

classic straw two-toned hat 
purchased at j.crew
brand: j.crew
purchased for $14.99

retail $36.00 USD
discount $ 14.99

note: i love hats, so of course i couldn't resist when i saw this one on sale at j.crew. another straw hat to add to my collection. one day i'll share with you all my hats.

Madewell Tee

super soft v-neck tee
purchased at madewell
brand: madewell

purchased for $9.99

retail $ 29.50
discount $19.99
bargain $9.99

note: im obssessed with madewell (j.crew's sister brand) and i love this super soft tee i just bought!

Drop Waist Dress

drop waist shift dress with detailed front
purchased at
brand: kimchi blue

purchased for $11.00 USD

retail $69.00 USD
discount $23.99 USD
bargain $ 11.99 USD
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