Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MIA Leighton Heels

suede double buckle open toe & open back platforms
purchased on amazon.com
brand: MIA

bargained for $47.00 USD

retail $105.00 USD
bargained $47.00 USD

note: my favorite heels this winter. super comfy and super cute!
see them on me here and here!

Cooperative Booties

leather w/ elastic booties
purchased at urban outfitters
brand: cooperative

bargained for $14.99 USD

retail $79.00 USD
discount $30.00 USD
bargained $14.99 USD

note: these are super comfy and was extremely pleased to purchase these at $14.99 when Urban has it's additional 50% off in stores (which occurred before the Black Friday one, I can't stand chaotic situations and have avoided all holiday shopping madness) and was even more satisfied to find them still at full price online when I first bought them. however they are on sale online now at $39.99.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Floppy Hat

floppy felt hat
purchased at: urban outfitters
brand: deena & ozzy
bargained for $4.99 USD

retail $34.00 USD
discount $9.99 USD
bargained $4.99 USD

note: love buying all my hats at urban when they are on sale, marked down even more, and extra 50% off!

Kimono Fringe

kimono fringe polyester 
purchased at forever21
brand: forever21

bargained at $26.00 USD

retail $26.00 USD

note: i purchased this beautiful little piece back in august, but just never found a way to shoot it where it really showed off the colors. (so please excuse the awful photography) i'm usually a huge advocate on not supporting forever21 but once in a blue moon i find gems like this where i can't resist. i bought this piece right before i went to hawaii and loved wearing it. not much of a bargain on this one, but i have the say the fringe work it extremely exceptional for forever21!

Zoa Hooded Shirt

mid-length silk and modal tab sleeve tunic w/ hood and button front
purchased at loehmann's
brand: zoa

bargained for $27.99

retail $99 USD
discount $34.99 USD
bargained $27.99 USD

note: was definitely a favorite when i purchased it, a lot more wearable than the white sheer zoa tunic as it is less see through and looks great with jeans and leggings! 

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