Monday, April 30, 2012

Sheer Maxi Shirtdress

polyester sheer maxi shirtdress
purchased at cotton on
brand: cotton on

retail: $49.95
bargain $15.00

when: april 18, 2012 | where: la puente, ca

bought this for $15 at the store, just checked online and it's full price still! came in white and black as well! ps. this is the  first photo with my new hair cut i got for a vidal sassoon shoot. :) 
you'll see more photos of the new hair soon.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jane Wide Brim Hat

wide brim floppy wool felt hat with ribbon
purchased at free people
brand: n/a

retail: $78.00
bargain $19.95

when: april 13, 2012 | where:

please excuse the last minute photoshopping ( know it looks gross) it's still available here if you hurry! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Colorblock Beanie

ecote colorblock space dyed beanie
purchased at urban outfitters
brand: ecote

retail $24.00
bargain $7.99

when: march 2012 | where:

i'm obsessed with hats/beanies. check out some of my other hat bargains recently: here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Taupe Knit Sweater

paneled pattern front knit sweater
purchased at forever 21
brand: forever 21

retail $24.80
discount: 11.99
bargain $7.99

when: april 18, 2012 | where: la puente, ca

purchased with a buy one get one deal with this other sweater. love that it is a large, it fits very comfortably, loose and slouchy. i'll try and get an outfit post soon so i can share how it looks on. :) 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heather Blue Knit Sweater

heather blue knit sweater
purchased at forever 21
brand: forever 21

retail $22.80
discount: 15.99
bargain $7.99

when: april 18, 2012 | where: la puente, ca

yes, again it's forever 21! im embarrassed and i swear i'm not a supporter but when i went in for a desperate dress search i had to pick up some bargains! but in complete honestly i probably purchase from forever 21 a maximum of 7 times a year, i would have to say that has to be low for a girl in her twenties! oh and you must be curious the tag says $15.99 what do i mean $7.99? (buy one get one free). 

Steve Madden Wedges

elastic band straw bottom wedges
purchased at nordstorm rack
brand: steve madden

retail $89.95
bargain $46.97

when: april 20, 2012 | where: lakewood, ca

my absolute favorite new shoes perfect for this spring/summer. i bought them to match my dress (see here) for my birthday. only worn them once thus far but i wore it around for 7-8 hours without hurting my feet, awesome! 

Floral Print Dress

cinched waist floral print polyester dress
purchased at forever 21
brand: forever 21

retail $26.90
bargain $26.90

when: april 18, 2012 | where: la puente, ca

love this dress, wore it for my birthday celebration with my amazing new wedges, see here!
celebrated my turning 24 on a duffy boat! we got to drive it ourselves and everyone had such a blast!
it was such a good deal i found through groupon, 2 hours for $75, so worth it! and we got to bring on our own drinks and snacks and there was a jack for an ipod. yes, im a bargain monster in all aspects of life not just clothes! see below for some photos from my birthday. i wish i purchased 2 groupons because i will definitely be renting one of these boats again! 


cotton panties
purchased at forever 21
brand: forever 21

retail $3.50 each
bargain $2.00 each (5 for $10)

when: april 18, 2012 | where: la puente, ca

who would have thought i would ever be buying underwear at forever 21! yikes! i hate supporting this place but when you need something last minute, this is the spot to go! wasn't in there shopping for undies but since i was already in there and in needs of new undies, i got some. surprised that they weren't all rough and feeling like paper. :) im excited to wear the lace ones. hey it sure beats victoria secrets' 5 for $25 (or nowadays 6 for $35).

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chevon & Stone Cuff

mixed metal antique finish cuff
purchased at urban outfitters
brand: chevron & stone

retail $24.00
bargain $5.99

when: march 2012 | where:

 i'm not a big jewelry person. why? because good quality decent quality jewelry tends to be pricey. the only time i buy jewelry is if its a good deal, like this cuff. :) and NO i do not purchase forever 21 jewelry. too many times has the metal dyed my finger (in my mind poisoned my finger) and rusted within a month!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Half & Half Crop Top

half & half polyester/rayon lace back crop tank
purchased at urban outfitters
brand: sparkle & fade

retail $29.00
sale $19.99
bargain $11.99

when: march 2012 | where:

haven't had a chance to wear this yet but this little top contains 3 things i love. 
1. black
2. lace
3. cropped 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Havana Hat

havana style straw hat w/tan and navy ribbon
purchased at payless
brand: minicci

retail: $16.99
bargain $12.99

when: april 16, 2012 | where: west covina, ca

i never thought i would be hat shopping at payless! but when i found the ankle wrap sandals and they were doing buy one get one 50% off i couldn't help myself. and of couse as my hat obsessed self (if you've seen my lookbook) i had to add another hat to my many. one day i'll share a photo of my hat display on my wall and shelves. but lately i have actually been in a panic of "where do i put my hats?!?" i'm running out of space and adding more hooks to the wall of my small room isn't choice #1. here are some of the few hats i've picked up in the past year: missimo felt hat, jcrew straw hat, cooperative boater, deena & ozzy floppy hat. and this does not include any of my beanies! i'm beanie obsessed as well. yikes.

Ankle Wrap Sandals

black rubber ankle wrap sandals
purchased at payless
brand: dexter

retail $24.99
sale $10.00
bargain $5.00

when: april 16, 2012 | where: west covina, ca

remember when i said i shop anywhere and everywhere? i meant it. i'm a big enforcer when it comes to quality over quantity but when it comes to everyday really casual things, then i don't really mind. like these sandals, i know i will wear its moneys worth $5 to be exact ha! right now payless is doing buy one get one 50% off. i'll show you my "buy one" in my next post. really glad to scored these, my sandals are all soooo messed up after i lent them for a work photo shoot. i do work in fashion doing a bit of pr/marketing/art directing/sales/etc... maybe i'll tell you more about it if you're actually interested.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Latest and greatest - Marc Jacobs

silver band rings
purchased at book marc
brand: marc jacobs

retail $3.00
bargain $3.00

when: march 2012 | where: melrose . los angeles ca 

lighting looks bad, but they are silver. the writing is in latin. the ring on the left says "between us" the ring on the right says "save me and I will save you." i purchased these rings at the book marc store, but i'm sure if you don't have a book marc store around, you can find it at marc by marc jacobs, which is where these random cheap goods used to appear before book marc opened. i believe there are a total of 6 different rings with sayings in latin? i really love these rings and have been my go to accessory everyday. i wear them double stacked on my left index.

Back in business

After an extremely long 4 month hiatus, Bargain Monster is back not only to share with you my latest finds, but provide the help so you can get it too! TBM will have a better format, be more up to date (so the goods and the deals are current!), provide a closer look inside my personal life, and include more photos of my outfits featuring my lastest bargains! After all, who wants to ONLY look at photos of my clothes that a scored?! You might as well spend that time shopping the sale sections online!!! HA! Your thoughts are appreciated.

So you ask, why did I not post anything the past 4 months?!?!

Well, let's just say I scored too many goods during the holiday season to even try to keep up with the photos, posting etc... typically I want to take the photos before I wear the items, so its fresh and its new. Unfortunately I got "busy" with the holiday season and work that I ended wearing everything before I had a chance to post! And the receipts I kept to keep track of my "bargain prices"just kept piling up to the point where I felt overwhelmed and eventually tossed them! After I lost track of how much I paid for everything I just wanted to put all those things behind me and start FRESH!

What prompted me to jump back into this? ..... this weeks shopping bonanza.
You see, my birthday is in a week. And with a dreary closet full of "fall fashion" I started going a little crazy on my shopping. PS. The $$$ I got back from my tax returns didn't help put out the fire either.

Here is a little stint about myself so you know, I'm not a blogging robot in cyber space.

Below is a photo of my boyfriend Drew and I that was taken last month. Every piece I'm wearing was a bargain except my purse, which is Marc Jacobs (yes, you already know my weakness). The glasses (real prescribed) is Warby Parker. WP offers hip, cute, affordable frames and lenses at only $95 a pair! (including prescriptions!) There also one of the "good will" type businesses just like Toms. Save money and feel good about yourself! Best part of WP that sets them apart is their "trial servies." You get to choose 5 frames to try on at home for FREE! Just have to pay $1 towards shipping cost. How awesome is that? I had a blast wearing a different frame each day of 1 work week until I decided which pair to buy! Anyways its Sweater dress, I scored at Urban Outfitters over the holiday season, fishbone necklace I traded at Crossroads after selling off some oldies, and hat i've had for a while. :)

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