Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Latest and greatest - Marc Jacobs

silver band rings
purchased at book marc
brand: marc jacobs

retail $3.00
bargain $3.00

when: march 2012 | where: melrose . los angeles ca 

lighting looks bad, but they are silver. the writing is in latin. the ring on the left says "between us" the ring on the right says "save me and I will save you." i purchased these rings at the book marc store, but i'm sure if you don't have a book marc store around, you can find it at marc by marc jacobs, which is where these random cheap goods used to appear before book marc opened. i believe there are a total of 6 different rings with sayings in latin? i really love these rings and have been my go to accessory everyday. i wear them double stacked on my left index.

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