Thursday, April 26, 2012

Floral Print Dress

cinched waist floral print polyester dress
purchased at forever 21
brand: forever 21

retail $26.90
bargain $26.90

when: april 18, 2012 | where: la puente, ca

love this dress, wore it for my birthday celebration with my amazing new wedges, see here!
celebrated my turning 24 on a duffy boat! we got to drive it ourselves and everyone had such a blast!
it was such a good deal i found through groupon, 2 hours for $75, so worth it! and we got to bring on our own drinks and snacks and there was a jack for an ipod. yes, im a bargain monster in all aspects of life not just clothes! see below for some photos from my birthday. i wish i purchased 2 groupons because i will definitely be renting one of these boats again! 

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