Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ankle Wrap Sandals

black rubber ankle wrap sandals
purchased at payless
brand: dexter

retail $24.99
sale $10.00
bargain $5.00

when: april 16, 2012 | where: west covina, ca

remember when i said i shop anywhere and everywhere? i meant it. i'm a big enforcer when it comes to quality over quantity but when it comes to everyday really casual things, then i don't really mind. like these sandals, i know i will wear its moneys worth $5 to be exact ha! right now payless is doing buy one get one 50% off. i'll show you my "buy one" in my next post. really glad to scored these, my sandals are all soooo messed up after i lent them for a work photo shoot. i do work in fashion doing a bit of pr/marketing/art directing/sales/etc... maybe i'll tell you more about it if you're actually interested.

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