Thursday, April 19, 2012

Havana Hat

havana style straw hat w/tan and navy ribbon
purchased at payless
brand: minicci

retail: $16.99
bargain $12.99

when: april 16, 2012 | where: west covina, ca

i never thought i would be hat shopping at payless! but when i found the ankle wrap sandals and they were doing buy one get one 50% off i couldn't help myself. and of couse as my hat obsessed self (if you've seen my lookbook) i had to add another hat to my many. one day i'll share a photo of my hat display on my wall and shelves. but lately i have actually been in a panic of "where do i put my hats?!?" i'm running out of space and adding more hooks to the wall of my small room isn't choice #1. here are some of the few hats i've picked up in the past year: missimo felt hat, jcrew straw hat, cooperative boater, deena & ozzy floppy hat. and this does not include any of my beanies! i'm beanie obsessed as well. yikes.

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