Saturday, February 19, 2011

jane, must have

peacoat w/ additional zipper closure, ribbed sides and cuffs 
purchased at (this room) boutique in taipei, taiwan
brand: jane, must have

 purchased for $72 

retail $2880 NT = $99 USD
discount $2304 NT = $79 USD
bargain $2100 NT = $72 USD 

note: this one took me a while to decide if i really wanted it. i did want it but wasn't going to settle for its original discount of 20% off. the additional $204 NT convinced me i needed it. i think everyone needs a grey peacoat. what i love about this one is the huge pockets, extra zipper detail, and most of all the knit ribbed sides and arm cuffs that distinguishes it from any other pea coat. yay.

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