Monday, March 7, 2011


fish bones and butterflies
purchased at silk & pearl market, beijing, china
brand: unknown

purchased for $2.52 each

retail $35 RMB = $5.30 USD each
bargain $25 RMB = $3.78 USD each
multiple item bargain $16 RMB = $2.52 USD each

note: when it comes to bargaining in china, be ready to argue. 
the entire purchasing process occurs like a debate. 

you ask the price, they give you a price. 
you tell them its too much, they ask you what price would you like? 
you give them a price, they say: its too low, they cant make a profit, 
its good quality, are you kidding, how about a little more etc...
you say i dont want it then, they give you a lower price.
you say you want it for the price you said earlier, they said no i cant even make a profit that way.
you walk away and they yell lower prices at you
lower and lower until they see you are serious about leaving
and they yell okay come back you can have it at that price!

tips: if they see that your a foreigner, they rise the prices on you
if you are not aggressive enough, you will loose
know when to walk away
and sometimes, you just cant win them all when both you
 and the sales person is too stubborn to budge, even if the difference is only a us dollar. 

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