Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shades of Brown

two tone sunnies
purchased at retro row
brand: unknown

retail: $12.00
bargain $12.00

when: july 1st 2012 | where: 4th street "retro row" long beach, ca

so sad i lost my last purchased sunnies before i ever got to really share them. they were super cute with floral print (have one photo with them here) but finally purchased another pair yesterday! i can never buy expensive sunnies as i loose them or break them ever so often! and i apologize i didn't pay attention to the name of the store where i purchased them at! however there aren't too many stores on 4th street and i can tell you it was not at immoni, replay, or that new boutique shop! it was in a vintage shop. sunnies were on the front counter.

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